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Music of Life

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Miscellaneous Poetry
A Vampyre's Kiss

These were just a few that didn't seem to fit into the other categories ...

Dream Lake
Ripples and glitters, the ebb and flow
Echoes sounding, waves crash upon the shore
Azures, emeralds, and crystals we all know
Colours these waves, begging to reveal more.
Looking deeper we see our lives within
Inspires feelings of peace and sorrow
It is there true understandings begin
Learned, we always find hope on the 'morrow.
Each wave makes it's own mark on life
Bears it's own epitaph, and the stories told
Through many mistakes, plunders, or strife
It's reflections of our soul to which they hold.
Each finding their answers, deep contemplation
We sit and we stare as always for the duration
Possibly in each of these waves find our salvation
Shall we remain forever in this deep meditation?
Copyright 2004 Heather Callaway
In Memorium
Life's cruel twist of fate
Can often shatter our heart,
Leaving us empty and lonely,
'Cause our loved one must depart.
We cannot bring them back to life,
And our 'loving' God we feel isn't fair:
How much more pain can we endure?
We want to give up, why should we care?
Our lives seem to be filled with death,
Each time isn't the same as the last;
For each time, it's as if it's the first;
And yet brings memories of death in the past.
Then a grieving process soon begins,
This familiar emotion we've often felt;
Angerily we shout our prayers to God
With a passionate outcry as seen only by a Celt.
We can't always feel the love he gives;
Feeling abandoned, desperation grows,
Our hearts ache like never before
What's felt in the heart, in our eyes it shows.
We never forget the love we've shared,
We miss them so very much;
Just to hear their voice one last time
It's to those memories we'll forever clutch.
Still we feel our prayers aren't heard
So we turn inside to search our soul
This longing and yearning felt so deep within
Leaves us with a heart black as coal.
We struggle and fight to accept this death
We never know which way to turn;
The coldness is felt from the inside out,
Our heads pounding, and stomach's churn.
We face our grief and confront our fears
Knowing that we have to move on in this life
Even though they aren't here to see and feel
They're guidance will help us through our strife.
Take up this cross that we have to bare
Carry it, knowing one day we'll reunite
Our hearts may finally be at peace
Moving out of this slumbering night.
The love we have for those who've passed
Will forever be a light in our lives.
Our hearts will fill with aches and pains
Even through this, peace arrives.
The pain they felt will no longer be
And theirs souls will finally rest
We see how our lives have changed
Having known them we've been blessed.
God has seen their hearts and took them home
By their tongue and heart, they confess;
They smile upon us with hopes of the future
There is no more suffering or distress.
We thank God for the time we've had
And know his wisdom is best
Even though we'll miss them dearly
Their lives will be in an eternal rest.
One day you shall meet each other again
And together, will watch over those left behind
Starting a new life in the Heavens above
Savouring a love that on earth you could never find.
So when your heart is weary and feel dead inside
You can look upon those memories in admiration
And be glad they've left this world for a better one
Living their lives eternally in perpetuum celebration.
Copyright 2004 Heather Callaway