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A Vampyre's Kiss

Love Poetry

This is a collection of poetry written to my beloved, Joseph ...

Wandering Down These Winding Roads

Wandering down these winding roads
Tastes of spring, flowers and nodes
Scrolling hills as far as the eye can see
Winds gently and thru me.

Dancing with arms extended, hands opened wide,
A shadow and a reflexion are by my side
The river that flows across the land
Steadfastly beside me, holding my hand.

A calming and cleansing feeling it be
Waiting to find that Mighty Oak Tree.
From the Earths womb the Tree bore fruits
The leaves that adorned it created it's suit.

Beneath the tree, sitting silent and still
Beats the heart of a man who breaks my will.
As I draw near, our eyes, they meet
And a story there is told complete.

He stands as he looks over my way
Gesturing with hands, come hither and stay.
I glided over, our eyes never parted
We sat down together, and that's how it started.

Copyright 2003 Heather Callaway


Forever Love

To Seosamh, me widdle toitle dove. Love you loads always

Love and light to my soul you bring
Touching my heart, making it sing
This song from my heart melodic and real
Sings to yours so that you may feel.

My heart and soul are no longer my own
My heart beats for one and begs you come
My love is my life, and my life is you
The flames of desire, within, burning true.

Your love caresses and touches my soul
Taking it to heights never before told
Your force and your essence are breathed into me
Experiencing pleasures, my passions' set free.

Night skies, the moon, the stars, supposed bliss
But what I yearn for most is simple, your kiss
With lips sweeter than honey, soft as the dew
Eternal love springs forth from me and into you.

Never shall our love part, go separate ways
For this I vow, I'll love you till the end of days
There is no love greater, more devine, or true
Than this love I shall have forever in you.

Copyright 2003 Heather Callaway


As Sure As The Sun Rises

As sure as the sun rises and as sure as the sun sets
This love that I've been given is as good as it gets.
This light holds my hand and shows me a new way
Bringing me hope, love, peace, and joy each day.

The hope that dawns brings with it a new and sweet life
Free from all the worries, troubles, and everyday strife.
Love has beckoned my heart, desimating this stone wall
Allowing your perfect love in, catching my every fall.

My heart is surrounded by peace, that only you could give
Putting my mind at ease, making me safe so that I may live.
Joy is in abundance, putting a smile in my heart and on my face
Happiness is now real, taking me to that 'special' place.

From the moment I met you, I knew that you were the perfect one
You never tried to win my heart, but in mine, it was already done.
You have enveloped my soul, touching it deep at it's very core
With all that your amazing love has given me, who could ask for more?

Copyright 2003 Heather Callaway


Take Me Far Away

Take me far away to a land of dreams
Where everything we know is not as it seems

This world we know is so full of hate
My heart's been broken and now it's too late
The shattered mirrors cast reflections of our fate
There are good and there are bad, so where do we rate?

Take me far away to a land of dreams
Where everything we know is not as it seems

This world is drowning and it cannot breathe
We ask for love, then fervently ask it to leave
Tis the darkest of thoughts to which we cleave
Do we not wear our hearts' upon our sleeve?

Take me far away to a land of dreams
Where everything we know is not as it seems

Undulating clouds circle my head, black as my soul
Taking all hope, casting it within this cavernous hole
My peace and joy, happiness and love you stole
Eternally these indiscretions have taken their toll.

Take me far away to a land of dreams
Where everything we know is not as it seems

My hearts been ripped apart, torn in two, forever bleeding
The doubts and fears of a restful life are always breeding
Contempt and hatred towards the populace, exceeding
The love once felt for them, that they were always needing.

Take me far away to a land of dreams
Where everything we know is not as it seems

With all hope lost in this bottomless sea, I've let me down
As well as those that can see the pain and the suffering all around
Wishing to lay myself, fettered and torn, wrapped in a gown
Into a shallow grave, one made for me, in my own tears I'll drown.

Take me far away to a land of dreams
Where everything we know is not as it seems

How can I see myself through all this pain?
You've taken my mind and only for your gain
Why can I not reach inside, find strength not to go through it again?
Tears have flowed from my eyes, rivers of blood I rain.

Take me far away to a land of dreams
Where everything we know is not as it seems

All this hell you put me through, I just have to sit and wonder
Was my love ever enough to heal your heart? You only called down the thunder
You see only with your mortal eyes, now our lives have been torn asunder
Now it's time for us to part, forgetting this, dead above the ears, blunder.

Take me far away to a land of dreams
Where everything we know is not as it seems

Even though our lives have severed and no longer see you here
I've entered into this new life, seen the best and the worst without fear
Now it is a new voice, that comes from within, one thought lost, now I hear
Eyes reflecting from within, it is my very soul to which I sit and peer.

Take me far away to a land of dreams
Where everything we know is not as it seems

Love has reached into this soul, caressing her and leaving her aching
Wanting more and more, reaching back softening this heart without it breaking
The inside cries out for for a love that binds, perfection in the making
Holding each other through all the many storms, I'm here for the taking.

Take me far away to a land of dreams
Where everything we know is not as it seems

Your love has blown into me, filled me, and made me your very own
No longer will this heart be hardened, as if made of a diamond's stone
My spirit soaring high above the clouds, through you this spirit's grown
Always I'm an open book for you, flipping the pages, everything known.

Taking me far away to that land of dreams
Where everything we know is not as it seems.

The colours of this life, more vibrant and true, a great gift it be
You and me melded, encompassing one another as two segments of a tree
A union with roots going deep, solidifying each other so never to flee
Branches extended, reaching the heavens, yet always overlooking the sea.

Taking me far away to that land of dreams
Where everything we know is not as it seems.

We've been called upon by the winds of change with all of it's allure
To spread this song of hope, faith, joy, and happiness to endure
For all the rest of time that people could love, revealing the obscure
Making seen that there is devotion true and grand, making all secure.

You've taken me to this far away land of dreams
Where all that we see is exactly as it should be, just as it seems.

Copyright 2003 Heather Callaway


Ne'er To Part

 Love has reached with an outstretched hand
Grasping my heart by both sides, holding me fast
Pulling those strings, melting my heart
Knowing there is no love greater in all the land.

Time and time again you've carried me on angels wings
This love you have so true, always there for me and I for you
Spending hours and hours talking from one soul to another
Your voice, entrancing me, I know this be how an angel sings.

Now that I've heard you and seen you in this life
Felt your love run through me, feeling your every breath
Your heart beating next to mine, in unison we meld
Banishing all the worries and thoughts of everyday strife.

Our love, it never waivers, filling us and making us whole
Bringing with it a new life, one filled with peace and joy
Placing ourselves face to face, vetting each other's hearts
Becoming one forever, we feast on each other's soul.

Consecrating each other, our souls forever united
Ne'er soon shall our love ever part, go separate ways
Empty and void my life has been till the day we met
All the darkness within, through love has been lighted.

I'll take your hand within mine, hold it close to my heart
Pledging to you that I'll love you for the rest of our lives
I'll never hurt you nor bring you pain, as long as I beathe
You'll forever caress this soul, one united, ne'er to part.

Copyright 2003 Heather Callaway


A Union of Hearts

The coldest of winters, the darkest of days
Hiding within these walls, curled in a ball
The corner I've found has become my home
Cowardly quivering, it is my soul that pays.

Searching for the light, where there is none
Wanting to see that which cannot be seen
Begging for a window, a door, or even a crack
This pain keeps me locked away, it is done.

Any hopes I've had, I have absolutely no more
Picking away at the stone wall built all around
I see there is no end, the walls too thick and strong
Leaning back, spent, not knowing what's in store.

The faint sounds of rapping are upon this fort
It echoes within the walls, is anyone there?
Please let not this be false hope pay'd a visit
All this pain, the storms, forever seeking a port.

The sounds of knocking have grown louder
Hope starts to rise as the stones begin to crumble
Is this a monster or the port in which I seek?
For the stones this walls built, turning to powder.

I could not do this alone, the walls falling apart
The first rays of light begin to seep through
A joy is filling my heart, someone can see me
Could it be the bearer of the key to my heart?

This light, I reach forward, grasp with both hands
Warmth, freshness, my body uncurling, standing
Moving into this new light, bearing gifts of love
It circles around me, forming rings, perfect bands.

Standing in this reverie, where once hope was lost
Arms of another caressed and softned this heart
Bringing me out of winter and into the spring of my life
Melting the last remnants of the surrounding frost.

A doorway has been opened from outside my soul
Lessons on how to move from inside these walls
To the outside where my playground awaits
Need be learnt for this fraction to become whole.

My port has come, and knowledge to me he doth imparts
Taking my hand and leading me away from this desolation
Through the door that true love hath made, two become one
Souls bared, unblemished love, this be a union of hearts.

Copyright 2004 Heather Callaway 



Even when things seem their darkest and we hide from all that we know,
We can tie a ribbon around our hearts decorating it as if it were a bow;
But even when it's bound, it can't always be free to do what we want,
Sometimes life can be nothing more than an emotional taunt.
We try to move past the hurt and the betrayal, seeing only good to come,
This is nothing more than a joke, as the truth can only be seen by some.
For those that know, the pain is real and sometimes kills the heart,
Turning it to stone so that they don't feel they're being torn apart;
Once the heart turns to stone, then all you care about will be gone,
You'll no longer appreciate even the sunrise seen at dawn.
Where once you stood, big hearted and soft as the petals of a rose,
Now will be someone as hard as a diamond, dealing out his blows.
Lao Tzu once said the softest will overtake the hardest things;
My love for you is softer than all things, peace to your heart it brings,
If you could but see how much my love could do for you at this time,
Instead of sinking into that cavernous hole, it's a mountain you'd begin to climb.
No one could know of the pain you're feeling, the guilt is ever there,
I turn to God, asking him to ease your pain, is nothing but a wee prayer;
God does hear and often answers, even if you don't like what you hear,
When you are feeling he's at his furthest from you, that's when he's near.
Continue to open your heart to me, there's a promise that I will make,
I'll keep it soft and protected til my last days, so that it may never break;
I know I can't be there in the most physical of ways right now,
But I'll love you forever and support you always ... this is my vow.
We have not yet been wed, but in my heart it has already been done,
I will not ever leave your side, we'll walk together into that setting sun.
Hand in hand for all of eternity, you'll never have to feel alone,
Love will heal, and so I give you all the love I have to be shown.
Hopefully this love will carry you through the best and the worst,
Nothing before us and nothing behind us, each other's first,
Our love ever growing, like the swelling of that inner tide,
Like a wave overflowing as if the angels themselves cried.
A joyous occassion, the eternally blessed union of our hearts,
I'll be your bride and that's where our life truly starts.
All the pains and sorrow that are now, will only be yesterday,
True love will win at the end of the day and our hearts will never stray;
Though our hearts are troubled and the day seems to be night,
Our love will bring us together, walking always together in the light.

Copyright 2005 Heather Callaway

I would like to thank everyone that has inspired me and stood by me, but there is a special thanks to be given to Joseph, my one and only, my heart and soul.